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Definitions of LUXE -adjective – elegant and sumptuous

Something luxe is very fancy and expensive. If you’re used to camping or staying on a friend’s couch when you travel, a few nights at a luxe hotel will seem extravagant. Just like the related words deluxe and luxurious, the adjective luxe is rooted in the Latin word luxuria, “excess or extravagance,” and carries the sense of something as lavish and opulent as it could possibly be. Your luxe hotel room might come with pillowy soft, luxe bedding and luxe food like champagne and caviar.


Definitions of DOSSIER – noun -a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject 

If you’re a fan of spy movies, you’ve probably seen countless scenes in which an intrepid secret agent breaks into a secure government facility in order to steal a dossier, or a collection of files. Dossier, which emerged in French in the 19th century, is derived from the French word dos, meaning “back.” While the connection between “files” and “backs” isn’t certain, it may pertain to the fact that the labels of dossiers were originally affixed to the back, or spine, of each file. If you speak French, you can apply your knowledge to the pronunciation of this word; the final syllable is pronounced with a long a sound, rhyming with “day.”

-Definitions compliments of Vocabulary.com