LUXE Personal Services – Free Up Your Time

Free Up Your Time With Our Virtual LUXE PERSONAL SERVICES – At Your Service

At The Luxe Dossier, we’re big believers in delegating tasks to others to free up more of our time to let us focus our time on what we want and reduce our stress. We love the home grocery delivery services, mobile pet grooming services, errand services and more.

My mother taught me a lesson a long time ago. She told me, “I use a home cleaning service because it affords me the time to do what I do best- my work. I end up making more money with my time than I would taking time to clean the house.” Smart thinking right? I never thought about it that way until she taught me that. Plus these services simplify my life and these specialists provide a quality service that I appreciate.

Due to customer inquiries, The Luxe Dossier launched our own specialized, virtual personal services – At Your Service. 

Our Luxe At Your Services Include:

  • Personal Luxury Shoppers – THE LUXE DOSSIER works with specialized luxury shoppers from around the globe. From Paris to New York, we have an expert stylist and shopper for your specific needs. What makes The Luxe Personal Shopper services unique is that we provide a global shopping experience. We also work to find that hard to find item for our clientele. Our stylists services are also in high demand because we work with the leading stylists around the globe. If you want to find that special French beauty product or be styled by Italian stylist – we’ve got you covered. If you want someone to help build out your wardrobe or find the perfect shoes for an outfit, we can assist.
  • Specialized Concierge Services – If your needs include arranging a special trip, booking a special restaurant, finding a special gift and more, our team of specialized luxury concierge partners are here to assist. We work with leading global luxury concierge services with superior services and references. We all want to have that special trip for a vacation or even less hassle when we travel. Whether you want to book a trip to finding a specialized luxury item – our team provides the highest quality services.
  • Private Client Services by Membership only – The LUXE DOSSIER offers our PRIVATE CLIENT MEMBERSHIP SERVICES. We offer special programs, discounts, luxury shopping services and more exclusively available for members. We’re your private luxury club.

Please visit us – At Your Service. We look forward to serving you!

Post by Anastasia