Beauty Tips – HYDRATE Your Skin & Hair

Humidifiers Beauty Benefits – Hydrate Skin & Hair

While humidifiers help with many health issues, they also have many beauty benefits. Humidifiers support healthy skin by preventing dryness that causes itching, and help to alleviate eczema. They also soothe dry eyes, and make your hair strong by retaining moisture.

Humidifiers work by adding moisture to the air to help raise your indoor humidity level, which can fall dramatically in the wintertime as a result of constant heating.

Humidifiers help to:

Hydrate hair and eliminate frizz
Hydrate skin and reduces wrinkling
30 to 40% relative humidity is needed for healthy skin and hair. By keeping the skin and hair hydrated at the right levels, you are reducing the dryness which can cause skin wrinkling and keep the hair from turning frizzy. The beauty benefits are amazing.

Humidifiers are great to use year round, however there are added benefits in the winter months.

According to Dr. Doris Day, a leading NYC dermatologist -“Humidity is much lower in the cold winter months, and the extremes of dry, hot air inside and cold, dry air outside pull natural water from your skin, leaving it overly itchy and chapped. A humidifier will add water vapor to the air, which indirectly helps the skin retain that moisture.”

Dr. Day recommends putting a humidifier in your bedroom because that’s where you’re “ideally” spending eight hours a night sleeping. “Keep it on overnight, setting it just high enough to add water into the air without completely fogging up your windows. That brings the humidity level to an optimal 35 percent.” She also recommends a warm mist over a cool one, since it’s closer to the natural skin temperature.

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