HEALTH & WEALTH – The Correlation


We all have heard – When You Have Your Health, You Have Everything. This is true as without wellness and health there is not much of a future.

Health and finances are more intertwined than many people think, according to Vera Gibbon’s of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. The New Year is a perfect time to get both in order.

“Research shows healthy people miss fewer days, are more productive, more motivated, make more money and stay in the work force longer,” she said. “Interestingly enough, it actually works the other way, too. People who suffer from financial stresses, in fact, two out of five save they suffer from ulcers, headaches, sleep disorders, physical ailments.”

The majority of people who do become wealthy do so by incorporating daily smart habits and discipline.

Gibbons said if people cut out some unhealthy habits — cigarette smoking for example — they can benefit financially. Whether it’s cigarettes, alcohol or overeating – they all eat into your budget and your health.

Studies have shown that the a high percentage of wealthy people regularly exercise a minimum of an hour every day and usually before 7 am in the morning. Exercising in the morning helps to not only lay a strong foundation for health and weight control, but it also allows time to think about the day and plan out their goals both short term and long term. You have more energy throughout the day, your mind is more alert and your are more likely to achieve your goals.

Studies have also shown that regular exercisers have more optimism. While in better shape, they feel better about themselves and are achieving physical goals that also have positive affects in other aspects of their lives. Being physically fit requires discipline and restraint. These skills continue to be enhanced and transfer to all aspects of your life, including personal financial planning and prosperity.

Author Thomas Corley spent five years studying the lives and habits of rich people and poor people before writing Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

He interviewed 233 wealthy American men and women ages 42 to 85, who made $160,000 or more per year and had $3.2 million or more in net liquid assets, and then analyzed their daily habits, comparing them to the behaviors of low-income people, who made $35,000 or less per year and had $5,000 or less in liquid assets.“It was the little things the wealthy did—their healthy behaviors—that made all of the difference,” says Corley. “That shocked me because I grew up poor and didn’t know about wealthy people, but I had a preconceived notion of the ‘fat cats,’ drinking cocktails, smoking cigars and being out of shape. But they were in great health.”

Corley found that 44% of wealthy people wake up three hours before work starts, compared to just 3% of poor people.

Coupled with healthy eating, wealthy people also believe in staying fit by exercising. Millionaires may be busy people, but they nearly always find time in their days to work out. In fact, Corley reports that 76% of wealthy folks do aerobic exercise at least four days per week, compared to 23% of poor people.

Wealthy people value their health and structure their eating habits accordingly. Corley found that 57% of wealthy people count calories every day, as opposed to 5% of poor people. He also found that 70% of rich folks eat fewer than 300 calories of junk food per day, but 97% of poor people eat above that mark.

According to a new survey by Millionaire Corner, the people who make the most money are the ones who work out the most frequently.

The survey shows that investors with the highest net worth are the most frequent exercisers, and those who have a net worth of $5 million or more (55%) say they exercise four to six days per week. Only 24% of investors with less than $100,000 net worth said they exercise four to six days a week. Those with $5 million or more were also the most likely to exercise seven days per week.

There are many reasons wealthy people watch what they eat and exercise, but the most significant could very well be to ensure a longer life – and therefore an extended opportunity to earn more.

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